OneDigital Debates: Do Pay Transparency Policies Work?

While there is no federal mandate in place, a critical mass of state and local laws is pushing the United States towards de facto national pay transparency. Surveys show that workers and jobseekers overwhelmingly support this type of legislation, while employers are more hesitant. In the fourth episode of OneDigital Debates, we asked our experts to unpack the pros and cons of pay transparency policies on America’s workforce.  
Some of the big questions that our debaters tackle in this episode are listed below: 
  • Do transparent pay ranges actually do jobseekers a disservice by “boxing them in” when it comes to salary negotiations? 
  • How effective are pay transparency laws at reducing gender and racial pay gaps? 
  • Does pay transparency lead to resentment and social tension in the workplace? 
  • Can pay transparency help with recruitment and retention? 
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