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Health Care Happenings: 2021 Capitol Conference Recap 

The health care industry and benefits landscape are continually evolving and there’s never a dull moment. But health care costs continue to escalate, and while the pandemic upended certain expenses for a time, large employers in the U.S. expect benefits costs will rise 5.3 percent in 2021. It’s clear there is much work to be done to address this unsustainable increase and improve the health care experience.

What's Next for Health Care Policy Under a Biden Administration?

With President Joe Biden sworn into office, the question keeping many leaders up at night seems to be: what does this mean for the healthcare landscape the Affordable Care Act and what impact will that have on my organization?

How to Improve Employee Morale Amidst Uncertainty

To say employees are working under unique circumstances in 2020 would be considered an understatement by most. We are dealing with an intersection of stressors between the global pandemic, the impact of the resulting economic downturn, political divisions in an election year, and social unrest. Add in the upcoming holiday season and it may seem like a plunge in employee morale is inevitable, but is it? The short answer: it doesn’t have to be. Managing morale in the face of crisis can be challenging but it can also provide an opportunity for self-examination, realignment, affirmation, celebration, team building and growth.

An Employer’s Guide to the Latest Stimulus Bill Updates

On Monday, December 21, Congress enacted a $900 billion stimulus package to support American workers and businesses impacted by COVID-19. The long-awaited, nearly 6,000-page bill offers critical economic relief to businesses and workers. Listen to the latest Employer Advisory Podcast for an overview of the key highlights and provisions that apply to employers, including restarting and expanding the Paycheck Protection Program, clarifying and expanding loan forgiveness and providing new updates on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Q4 2020 Quarterly Legislative and Regulatory Update

Employee benefits compliance is ever-changing with the introduction of new legislation and regulations. Join us on December 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST for our fourth quarter update on recent legislative and regulatory proposals and changes.

2021 Strategic Planning: Adapting to Support Your Employee's Experience

Leaders can no longer afford to haphazardly react to stressors their workforce faces and must proactively implement long-term strategies that mitigate the adverse effects on their workforce. As a new year approaches, leaders are assessing their benefits to ensure employees have the essential support and programs to stay healthy, productive and engaged. Join OneDigital strategists for a discussion on the evolving workforce trends and creative solutions forward-thinking employers are implementing to support their workforce through 2021.

Remote Work and the Workplace Perks Your Team Needs

As a result of the pandemic, many organizations have had to transition to remote work, accelerating the need for companies to redesign the benefits strategy for 2021.

Employee Benefits Outlook for 2021

Join OneDigital’s strategic benefits leaders as they reflect on the top trends that arose this year and impart the insights that employers must utilize while preparing and planning the 2021 benefits strategy to align with long-term business success.

The Post-Election Healthcare and Benefits Landscape

In a year that has already upended so many expectations and norms, it’s unlikely the election, and the weeks to follow will be any different.  

Election, Benefits & COVID-19

With so many variables surrounding what our country’s healthcare benefits will look like based on the results of the presidential election, mixed with employee healthcare cost adjustments due to the pandemic and ever-changing employee benefits compliance regulations, employers are struggling to proactively plan for 2021. Join us as we discuss the “what-if’s” surrounding the upcoming election, potential impacts of post-election results and COVID-19 on the coming year’s employee benefits programs, and how employers should start analyzing their business strategy updates for 2021.

Year-End Retirement + Wealth Planning Strategies for Forward-Thinking Employers

As financial stressors escalate for Americans in response to the global pandemic and related business implications, organizations must arm themselves with the strategies and tools to support their workforce. With financial stress and workplace productivity inextricably linked, it’s in business leaders' best interest to ensure their workforce has all the appropriate resources to feel safe and supported. Join OneDigital’s Retirement + Wealth leaders as they cover how recent changes in legislation may have impacted key deadlines and expand your knowledge of the opportunities that exist to update your retirement and financial wellbeing benefits within a holistic workforce strategy. During this session, you’ll gain critical retirement plan knowledge to and key information to review in the fourth quarter. Investment advice offered through Resources Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of OneDigital.

A Look Ahead: What the Election Could Mean for Healthcare and Employers

As the presidential election grows nearer, it is developing into one of the most contentious exchanges in American history. A broad range of variables around healthcare benefits, cost ramifications from the pandemic and compliance regulations leave employers unsure of the potential impact on their organizations. 

Uncovering the Truth Behind Your Rising Pharmacy Benefit Spend

For many business leaders, deciphering ways to control costs without compromising employee’s benefits package is crucial – to survive now and post pandemic. Prescription drugs are not only an integral component of the benefits package but also deliver quality healthcare.

Q3 2020 Legislative and Regulatory Update

In this episode, our compliance experts discuss the current advances and focus of the existing 116th Congress, explore the challenges facing the benefits marketplace and compare each candidate's focus, priorities, and health care policy platforms in the upcoming election. Tune in to discover the latest legislative and regulatory updates in the midst of the pandemic.

How to Conduct Open Enrollment During a Pandemic

Historically, for employers, HR leaders and employees alike, open enrollment has been a significantly time-consuming process leading to stress and overwhelm. Considering this year’s exceptional circumstances, the intensity will be amplified Tune in to discover how to navigate this new open enrollment landscape in the midst of a pandemic.

How Employers Can Support Working Parents

Working parents are facing a unique set of challenges as they attempt to balance the needs of their children – especially their schooling – with concerns about work, finances and health. Tune in to hear from OneDigital’s business and HR leaders as they discuss the immediate actions employers can take to offset the immense pressure placed on the parents in their workforce.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion - Continuing the Conversation

Developing and adjusting a strategy to enact diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within your organization requires a nuanced approach for lasting change. Tune in to hear a facilitated discussion exploring the elements needed to continue building the foundations for change in the workplace.

Expiring Unemployment Benefits: Will Employees Come Knocking?

In this episode, OneDigital’s HR and compliance leaders discuss the ramifications of the unemployment benefits coming to an end, how to navigate conversations with furloughed workers and incentives to improve morale and engagement as the fate of this program is decided.

Communications Innovations for Open Enrollment

The unique communications challenges COVID-19 introduced also provide a chance to transform the way you approach benefits communication and education. Not only does benefits communication increase your employee’s benefits perception, benefits communication is a critical component of engagement. Hear from two of our benefits and employee engagement leaders as they cover the strategies and initiatives to successfully implement any communications plan, especially as it applies in today’s environment.

Q2 2020 Legislative and Regulatory Update

Between the latest Paycheck Protection Program updates, the IRS changes and evolving critical COVID-19 guidelines as employees start returning to the office, managing compliance today has become increasingly demanding. However, the risks associated with mishandled compliance requirements are now greater than ever. Tune in to get an update on recent legislative and regulatory proposals and changes.

An Employer's Guide to Navigating 401(k) Retirement Plans

In this episode, our team of retirement and wealth advisors, discuss key considerations for employers that may be wondering what plan level decisions they could consider, what other companies are doing to adapt and how to adopt/implement the CARES Act provisions. Additionally, they introduce best practices for communicating with employees and providing financial guidance and ongoing support to improve retirement outcomes. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The investment advice provided by Resources Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser and a subsidiary of OneDigital.

Your Top 10 Return to Workplace Questions Answered

The return to the workplace for non-essential workers has begun in all 50 states. The data is showing that while many of these workers are looking forward to returning, but not to the same office they left. In this episode, our team of HR and compliance leaders address questions in three key areas affecting returning to the workplace: Safety and Compliance, Paid Sick Leave, and the Family First Act and some of the remote working realities that you may not yet be thinking about.

Benefits Compliance: Reshaping the Employee Benefits Landscape

Tune in for an overview of recent benefits compliance changes, translated by OneDigital’s SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Annette Bechtold. Learn about the current regulatory and legislative landscape, including the current constitutional challenges, administrative developments, advocacy agendas and brief analysis of the candidates’ healthcare platforms in the upcoming election.

5 Strategic Questions for Leaders to Answer Before Reopening Their Business

In this episode, Julie Voges, Regional Managing Director, OneDigital HR Consulting, discusses 5 strategic questions for leadership teams to answer when planning their return to work timeline and policy.

Back to Business Part 2: Your Return to Work Action Plan

As businesses look ahead toward reopening the workplace, leaders are trying to understand the new and unfamiliar adjustments required in this ‘new normal.’ However, reopening for business without the right strategy in place leaves your organization open to unnecessary compliance penalties or, worse, risking the health and safety of their workforce. Join this continuation of last week’s discussion led by OneDigital’s team of HR strategists as they answer the question on everyone’s mind: what should our return to work action plan be and how do we do it?

Back to Business Part 1: Strategic HR Guidance for Returning to Work

The spread of the novel Coronavirus is beginning to slow in some areas of the country, allowing employers to begin reopening their businesses and welcoming back employees. In this episode, hear from OneDigital's HR and Compliance experts to discover strategic HR considerations to take into account during the return to work evolution.

Practical Guidance on Leave Relief for Employers

Brydon DeWitt is joined by OneDigital’s David Blanchard, to discuss key considerations for employers contemplating furloughs, layoffs or addressing other leave scenarios and how the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act may help. This episode originally aired on Williams Mullen's Benefits Companion podcast and is being redistributed with permission of the author.

Business Guidance Around Maximizing Loan Forgiveness

Due in large part to the rapidly changing economic and health environment, business and HR leaders have been forced to take on an unprecedented action to protect employees and their organization. In this episode, you'll learn to decipher how to survive and assess the immediate implications on the economy, your customers, and business.

CARES Act and PPP Considerations for Small Businesses

In this episode, OneDigital's compliance and business leaders discuss actionable information specific to small businesses to help them capitalize on the $2 trillion of relief and economic stimulus. Learn how to benefit from the CARES Act, specifically the "Paycheck Protection" SBA loan program and explore strategies unique to your business situation and offer advice on what your company should be doing now.

Global Benefits: Your FAQs Answered

In this episode, Jeff Gentile, Managing Principal Global Benefits, OneDigital Corporate, discusses several FAQs in response to COVID-19 regarding global business travel and best practices for employees working outside the US.

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